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Colorful Embroidered T-Shirts

Mechanical Embroidered on a 100% cotton fabric and sewed on a 100% Cotton T-shirts.
The designs are inspired by traditional Romanian embroidery, with elements and motifs that have specific meanings. The main motif found in this design is the S called spiral motif or symbol and the main meaning of this is energy and universal moving which are also associated with the human nature.

T-Shirts is 4.2 oz Cotton
Full body length Body Width Sleeve Lenght
XS 27 16 ½ 8
S 28 18 8 1/4
M 29 20 8 5/8
L 30 22 9 1/8
XL 31 24 9 5/8

After placing the order will take about 5 business days for your T-shirt to be shipped.
For any questions regarding sizes or if adding a specific personalization to the T-shirt contact me.
For different patterns see my other listings.