AuthenticStitchery by Andreea

It is said that the Romanian peasant woman embroiders  her clothes with her soul. She would pray to God:" In spirit of my clothes, is the secret of my soul", so every motif, symbol, geometric shape on a piece of clothing is designed to generate and direct the energy they represent. Nowadays, people would rather go to a store and buy clothing that might or might not represent their soul. A few years ago, I realized I want to be different and personalize what I was wearing, so I got inspired by the antiques, old blouses of my grandmothers, old books with different kind of motifs or by visiting my country(Romania)and spotting all these symbols and motifs in museums, old houses or churches. Once I start wearing what I was making, I was getting asked where I was buying my clothes, so I decided this was the moment to put a brand name on my designs and share the beautiful embroidery and where Authentic Stitchery originated. The purpose of Authentic Stitchery by Andrea is to create clothing that fits your personality and give you the possibility of making one of a kind pieces by adding your own touch to it. 

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