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Colorful Embroidered T-Shirts

Mechanical Embroidered on a 100% cotton fabric and sewed on a 100% Cotton T-shirts.
The designs are inspired by traditional Romanian embroidery, with elements and motifs that have specific meanings. The "North Star" motif is the one that can be found on this t-shirt it is also referred to as "The wing of the mill" or "The eight point star" symbolizes the wheel of time and the regenerative energy of the universe. It is the guide, the only fixed star on the night sky, a mark for shepherds and sailors alike, without which they would get lost.

T-Shirts is 4.2 oz Cotton
Full body length Body Width Sleeve Lenght
XS 27 16 ½ 8
S 28 18 8 1/4
M 29 20 8 5/8
L 30 22 9 1/8
XL 31 24 9 5/8

After placing the order will take about 5 business days for your T-shirt to be shipped.
For any questions regarding sizes or if adding a specific personalization to the T-shirt contact me.
For different patterns see my other listings.