Lightweight Wool Blazer | Embroidered | Luxury Ivory Blazer


Lightweight Wool Blazer - Embroidered

This lightweight wool blazer is going to be the perfect choice for a hot day of summer to keep you sweat-free.
The shawl lapel and longline shape makes this blazer to be a good fit for any type of event, can be a great pair up with denim for a casual look or night out or for a more elegant look add it on top of a cocktail dress for a summer party or a wedding.
Embroidery that comes on it has been made mechanically and it has Romanian motifs on. The "North Star" motif is the one that can be seen several times on the blazer, it is also referred to as "The wing of the mill" or "The eight point star" symbolizes the wheel of time and the regenerative energy of the universe. It is the guide, the only fixed star on the night sky, a mark for shepherds and sailors alike, without which they would get lost.

This blazer is made to order so please allow about 3 weeks before it gets to you.